About me

"To be all that a man can be" Abraham Maslow.
Influences and Direction

I have long enjoyed Fantasy and Sci-Fi and the likes of Jim Burns, Chris Foss and Tim White are great inspirations. I also admire the Pre-Raphaelites. Alma Tadema and John Waterhouse are amazing. I suppose what all these have in common is evoking a mood in their work. I find them all full of emotion. It's as if you have walked in, in the midst of some happening and are privileged to have partaken. I try to make my paintings just like that and I do feel privileged to be able to communicate this.


I was born in 1962 in London in the midst of a cold, cold winter. An only child, I painted from as early as I can remember.

In my teens I started making music and that is now a part of my life again.

I was made redundant from my job in 2006 after 10 years service. This was perhaps a blessing in disguise as I then decided after many years of denial that I was, in fact, an Artist.

Recently I have picked up my brushes again and started painting - after a break of over 25 years. I am gaining immense pleasure from painting again. I see my style developing and my skill increasing.

I have recently completed a degree in Fine Art.

In addition to painting, I create digital works and make music.

I try to be creative every day and intend to earn a living by it.

Thanks for dropping by.